Tuesday, January 17, 2012

happy birthday my dear

it's January 18th...
Hanania Shakira was born on the 18th november... Yeay, she's already 2 months old... Growing up so fast yet mommy still remember how tiny u r 2 months back...
Be good
Be kind
Be polite
Be a muslimah n solehah ye sayang

Mommy loves u n daddy love u too...

magic mirror favourite nia

kembali blogging..


finally i am back again ( almaklumlah macam chipsmore, kejap ade kejap xde .. hehe)..

quick update for today... it's my 60th day confinement... which mean my lil princess turn 60 days old already... alamak, tinggal 30hari je lagi cuti.... occay2, i promise myself i will update this blog as much as i can during these days... definitely gonna write loads about my precious angel... till then, please say HI to my dear NIA... :))