Wednesday, December 05, 2007

makan lagi

My Delicia Chicken Pie Recipe

1/ For the pie crust

2 cups all purpose flour ( approximately about 220 g)

250 g unsalted butter

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoon sugar

100 ml (1/2 cups ice/ cold water)

cut the butter into small2 cubic size.... add in the flour, salt, n sugar.... Mix ingredients delicately with fingertips, until resemble crumbs.... try to mix them as fast as u can, bcz we dont want the butter to melt.... add in the icy cold water, a bit at one time (this is he key to flaky dough, the colder the butter remains, the easier it is to turn out the ultimate pie). . As soon as the dough feels stable enough to hold together when pressed in the palm of your hand, STOP! (if u Go past that point, your dough will begin to toughen). Make 2 big balls from the dough, by just pressing it together.. n cover in a plastic wrap, chill it in freezer for 1-2 hrs.... when u ready to bake it, just take the dough out of the freezer, roll out on cool dry surface dusted wt floor....

2/ For the filling

whole chicken breast fillet from 1 chicken ( cut into small bite sizes)

carrots (diced) about half-1 cup

celery ( thinly sliced) - from 1 stalk

1 small onion, chopped

3 cloves of garlic, crushed n chopped

1 tsp chicken stock powder, or 1/2 of the chicken cube

1 tblsp of tomato sauce

1 red chilli, sliced (optional cz makes no different to the taste)

1/2 tsp salt n 1 tsp sugar ( can put more depending on ur taste buds )

2 tblsp mayonnaise

1 tblsp cooking oil

pineapple chunks from the can

grated parmesan cheese ( optional, but i jz love the taste of tis cheese.... superb marvelous)

heat up the oil, fry the onion n garlics.... stir fry the chicken for 2mins, n add in carrot, celery, chilli.. when it is cooked, add in chicken stock, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, salt n sugar to taste... cook for another minutes till a bit dry, n it is done.... ( i put a lil bit more mayonnaise when the filling cool already)

u can make different shape of pie.... the only thing is, put jz enough amount of the filling, n top with pineapple... u can put cheese as much as u want... seal the dough wt egg, n decor urself.... make sure u cut a bit the upper cover, ( i simply make 2-3 slits) n brush wt eggs.... bake at 240 degrees celcius for 13-15 minutes, or until the crust turn into golden-yellow-brown colour...

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Princess Redbloodsnow said...

ouucchhhh!!!!! seeing ur pie tuh kan ida..makes me berliur ler!!!

jaat arrr ida neh...asyik dok tempekkkkkkkkkk masakkan die yg cedap2 jekkkkkkkkk arrrr :(

i can't even taste it :( :(

ida...once u oredi in msia nnti,
u MUSTTTTTTTTTTTT send to me ape2 aje masakkan yg ida tempek dlm blogs ida.

teringin nak rase lohhhh...


tiffany said...

haha.... haha...

berjaya wat Z jeles n terliur.... mmg tu la tujuan asal ida... hehe...

Z makan sedap2 je... bekfes makan sedap, lunch lagi.... pastu dinner lagi... huhu...

ida makan sedap sekali sehari jeee... bekfes makan simple2 je, balik klas baru sibuk2 masak... kalau makan kat luar murah, ida g makan luar je kott... hehe..

ekceli mmg ida suke masak, so jz tggu ida balik n keje nnt la.... one day nnt sure Z akan rasa makanan ida ok... will figure it out in the futute... maybe ida n hannan akan jemput Z n adam datang umah kitorang nnt ke...

hehe,tggu je la...


cHiQuE CoMeL said...

makan lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi... bila shieda nak tempek photo blueberry cheese cake yang big big one plak nih? nak merasa cheese cake shieda tuh tak tau bila kan... so dapat tengok photo pun jadiklah :)

tiffany said...

hehe.... wokey chique... once shieda wat nnt, shieda tepek gamba trus key... ekeke