Thursday, April 12, 2012

The latest ME!

Another 6 days to go and nia will turn 5 months already... She gained good weight, Alhamdulillah with only breastmilk without any formula milk supplement... But what about mommy? Orang kate menyusukan anak cepat kurus kan??? Hehe, yupp true for certain people but definitely not me...

So how much did i gained during pregnancy??? And how much already lost???

Lets start before kawen...
1/ time belaja dulu2 maintain 42-45kg

2/ mase buat housemanship 2 thn xde mase nak exercise, berat naik smpi 49kg, fluctuate 46-49kg

3/ 3 bulan before kawen, decide utk diet n join gym n dancing class... Body mmg firm, turun till 47 kg

4/ first booking pregnant, lebih kurang 6-8 mggu mase tu, brt already 52 kg... Huhu...

5/ max naik smpi 63kg, tp mase nak bersalin dah tggl 61kg je

6/ seminggu bersalin turun jadik 55kg... But subsequent month makin naik...jadik 58kg semula... Huwaaaaa

7/ sekarang..., tadaaa... Nampak slim x dlm gamba tu? 53 kg dah, alhamdulilllah... Aim nak dpt below 50 kg.., ameen...

Jom swimming

Yeay, finally we managed to bring our grown up baby Nia to the pool... Niat asal nak ajar nia swimming, but Daddy still risau nak ajar nia how to swim, so we just main celup2 kaki basah kepala je dgn pelampung comey tu..

Its occay, later on we'l bring nia more often to the pool and daddy will pass down the ilmu2 utk berenang... Mommy cant really help cuz me myaelf pon taktau berenang... Hihi