Tuesday, November 06, 2007

darling's favourite

i am really tired rite now... having class at hospital in the morning n finished late about 2.30pm.... then today all 6th year students must attend an elective class for a very boring suject so called hygiene.... scheduled to start by 3.30pm, so me n my classmates really had no other choice than to rush... i was so hungry then bcz there's no cafe in the hospital n i din bring any food for brunch.... uwaaa.... my stomach nangis minta diisi.....

my first trial "fettucine alfredo"

on the way to my beloved university, i stopped by at this one pastry stall, n beli 2 bijik pastry berintikan telur n daun bawang..... hoho, cam kelaparan bebenar je.... sampai klas kol 3.25pm.., sedang2 elok la tu... then this lecturer bla-bla-bla..... sampaila kol 5.30pm.... barulah lega sbb akhirnya dapat balik hostel untuk berehat....

i was thinking of making chicken alfredo again tonite but, luckily honey being so kind to cook for dinner..... thanx darling, i love that honey herb fried chicken sooo much..... i finished about 4-5 pieces, n afta that layan prison break 2 episode.... n straight away ZZzzzzzZZZzzzzzZzzzz.....

made this chicken alfredo last thursday...... wanna some???

here's my version of chicken alfredo....

200g fettucine pasta ( i used dried one)
*** linguine pasta also can do***
for the alfredo sauce
200g cream
1 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
30g butter
2-3 cloves garlic, crushed
extra virgin olive oil
freshly chopped parsley
*** add 1 tblsp. of mayonnaise
a pint of salt
for the chicken
4 pieces of sliced chicken breast/ chicken fillet
1 tblsp mayonnaise
2 tsp. honey
salt to taste
1/2 tsp lemon juice
for the broccoli
1 packet frozen broccoli ( the fresh one mahal la kat cni)
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2tblsp. olive oil
salt to taste
1/ 1st of all, marinate the chicken with honey, mayo, lemon juice n salt.... grill them...

2/ meanwhile, Bring the water , a lil bit of oil and salt to a rolling boil in a pot.
Drop in the fettucine and stir gently for a few moments to prevent strands from sticking, then stirring occasionally until the pasta is tender (i like it soft, but resistant to bite,
not really soft la).
Immediately drain the pasta into a colander, n put them under running cool water to get rid of the excess oil, also to prevent them from sticking later.
3/ to prepare the sauce....
melt butter over low heat in a pan, add in cream, crushed garlic, n the cheese.... stir gently n continuosly to prevent lump...add in the mayonnaise n salt...cook & stir until thickened.
( for healthier sauce, use milk instead of cream n add in 2-3 tsp of flour as thickening agent)
4/ for the broccoli, heat olive oil in a pan and add in the finely chopped garlic,
stir-fry until brown n fragrant...Add broccoli n a pint of salt. Cook over medium heat for 2-3 minutes.
5/ to serve..... add the pasta into the sauce, mix well to ensure that every single strands is covered by the sauce , drop some parsley n basil... ( for healthier version, add in 1-2tblsp of olive oil while mixing)...

( if u wish to have some colour for ur dish, kindly add in some chopped tomatoes), serve the pasta in a plate with the grilled chicken n broccoli....
it is simple, easy to make n just perfect for ur romantic dinner.... hehehe...

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ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

patut arrr hannan syg banget ama kamu...terer sgt memasak..peoples always said "Nak pikat hati lelaki, kene "pikat" perot die dulu"...sumthing like dat arrr...ekekekeke

wanna try that recipe ler
but the ingredient kinda hard to get loh...hehhe..

make some for me ida...


tiffany said...

sure2.... u come here la Z... i'll cook anything u want.... it's my big pleasure...

p/s: ida tau agak susah nak cari certain bahan ni kat mesia... but if u wish to try, let me try substitute the cheese with cream cheese @ cheese spread.... n will tell u later the result...

ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

Anything i want eh....muahahahahaha..klu g2 nk demand yg ssh2 d masak ah.wakakaakkakaka!

hehehe...substitute kan aje ida...

tiffany said...

yupp... anything u wish my love... muahahahha...