Thursday, May 10, 2007


Life's Unpredictable......Never expect tat we would be together these way...Drifting back to the past,it seems that every single of my memories were liked yesterday...Spending most of my fruitful times with you ...Nevertheless, some things may seemed to be non-memorable to me, it's not like i easily can forgot but it just that better not to think bout 'em at all.....But there are some things which will still stitched deeply inside my heart...I doubt nothing can erase these memories. My guiltiness, stubborness,heartless conscience...left a scar engraved in my heart. Knowing nothing can be done to save back what i have done, i can only expressed my feelings with words to lighten my guiltiness...Well, but now i'm having a wonderful relationship with you my Dear Hannan, My Mr Handsome Guy...My Wonderful Cooking Boy... Been together with him for the past 47 months until now is a fortunate blessing...An unpredictable outcome. From the days we are just only friends, never really talked as there was nothing connected btw us, and now we are together...Knowing you for the past 5 years is great...In terms of friends or my BF,you are just simply caring, gentle and thoughtful...Doing anything with you is enjoyable and just love to hug you to sleep throughout the night. Love to open my eyes in the morning and saw you besides me...Pestering and waking me up is so sweet. Baking and cooking anything with you is fun...Fooling and Joking around with you cheer me up...You are a caring sweetheart to me...Taking good care of me when im sick is such a wonderful feeling...Your gentleness, your caring, your patience really touch me...Helping me out during my busiest period was my blessing.You are Wonderful!!!Although you and i sometimes may encounter with unhappiness or dissatisfication, I hope that everything between us can be easily solved and let us pass our time happily and lovingly...May you and I be the most happy couple on Earth...

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