Monday, August 30, 2010

dedi wt the cute lil baby

lil baby is looking for the daddy....

she saw this picture earlier.... taken long time ago,

she asked " mommy-mommy, where's my daddy.... why daddy always left mommy alone... why can't mommy and daddy stay together... why are we separated, and we are so far away.... i missed him mommy, sooo much... don't u?? "

n mommy replied " of course sweetheart, only god knows much i miss him all these days.... but daddy is working sayang, he got so much work and he's been busy day and night.... he misses u too... i hope... let's pray to Allah, moga2 daddy sihat, gembira, dan sentiasa mengingati kita berdua... ok sayang?? we'l stay together once mommy and daddy get married later k... mudah2an kasih sayang daddy pada mommy n baby takkan berbelah bahagi, ameen....."

and lil baby kisses me on my cheek, sweeps away all the pain and sadness....

selamat Hari Merdeka dari kami!!!!