Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Last Raya in Moscow

Menu :
Nasi Dagang Mama (Nasi Dagang + Gulai Ayam + Acar timun carrot)

Chef : shieda

Preparation time :
- 7hrs soaking the rice n 90 minutes for steaming.

- 30 minutes to prepare the ingredients

- 45 minutes on gulai, 5 minutes on acar

Resepi asal : Mama...

i heart nasi dagang n so does Huns.... i made it once last semester b4 going back to malaysia cz Lisa gave me the Red Rice special for nasi dagang.... unfortunately din taste like mama's cz i made it Terengganu style.... so when i was in kelantan during summer break, mama taught me the Kelantan version of nasi dagang... i tried my best to make exactly like mama's n the result if i could i would rate myself only 5/10.... but Huns rated me 7/10... so i told myself it was not that bad... huh.... hehe...

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