Thursday, November 15, 2007


Do you know there are messages behind different colors of roses? That's right, they have a language all their own! This was started by the Romans and used in the Victorian era as a discreet way to express one's feelings to another.

Red roses have always meant love-deep, passionate, ever lasting love.

White roses symbolize purity and brightness. A man who gives white roses is telling his love that he thinks she's an angel!

A mixed bouquet of red and white roses symbolizes unity. The man giving this kind of bouquet is saying "I stand united with you!"

Pink roses have several messages, depending on the shade.
"Deep pink roses" symbolize gratitude and respect, while "light pink" roses show sympathy.

Yellow roses on the other hand symbolize friendship and caring.

Orange roses symbolize new beginnings, perhaps explaining why they are an increasingly popular selection for bridal bouquets!

If you receive a deep burgundy rose, someone is telling you they think you more beautiful than you realize.

The more exotic rose colors also have meanings. For example, green roses represent fertility while blue roses are symbol of mystery and intrigue. Purple roses signify enchantment and love at first sight. Black roses, not surprisingly, represent death, and perhaps more surprisingly, new beginnings.

It's not just the colors of roses that speak volumes; it's also the way they are presented.If you receive a bouquet of unopened roses, it is a symbol of youth and innocent love. If they are all white, someone is telling you they love you but you are too young. A mix of red and pink buds means you are youthful and beautiful. If you receive a fully opened rose with two rosebuds, someone has a secret! If you receive a red rose and several yellow roses, you are being invited to join in the fun! A crown of roses symbolizes virtue and is often used at weddings as such, especially in the Greek Orthodox religion. Even the leaves of a rose have a message. They symbolize hope and optimism.

They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but a bouquet of roses can speak volumes more!

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ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

ekeke...z got 8kuntum white rose dr adam dulu...hehe.

wahhhh....bgambo bposing nampak wif red rose die..hikhik..errr..z pown nak wat gak ah post bunge2 neh..wakakaka. thats means, post ttg bunge yg same got 2 ler nnti...ekeke...huhu. nak gak ah kasi ida tgk bunge kte dr adam :D

Mrs. Sheikh said...

kalo dpt rose purple tapi plastik camana? :)

tiffany said...


uwaaa... ida dah lama nak rose kaler putih.. tapi bile told hannan mesti die kate cam nak bagi org mati... huhu.. so tiap kali beli rose, mesti kaler merah n yg sewaktu dgnnye... huhu..

Z tau tak, Z lah org paling beruntung sekali tau... saper je laki kat mesia yg nak bg girl die roses... dahla sampai 8 gitu (ekceli, org kate better no ganjil tau)..iskk... jeles2...

Z letak la pic white roses tu ekk...


once, an "old fren" of mine said... if a guy love a woman, he'll definitely buy her flowers even bouquet of them...

another "fren" said... wut bout if we give them plastic one...

the "old" one looked @ me n said... poor u girl, u mean nothing to him... even he donno e easiest way to please u...

penyudahnya... i got my 1st ever red rose on the eve of Valentine's Day 2004... thnx to this old fren... really miss him a lot by now..