Wednesday, June 25, 2008


“On this our anniversary, we may not have wealth, but we do have each other and that is worth more than anything in the world.”

occay... what acually had happened on the June 26th 2003???

this is the first day we went out together... we went cruising by the moscow river... we went to Gorky Park ( a theme park here) and spent all day together.... saya hanya dilamar pada keesokan harinya, 27th june, and i din take much time to decide as i had mentioned before that i already had a crush on him since we were in INTEC, love at the first sight gitu... supposedly 27th is our anniversary but then we prefer 26th to remind our very2 first date....

If you’re not the one then why does my soul feel glad today?

If you’re not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way?

If you are not mine then why does your heart return my call

If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all

I never know what the future brings

But I know you are here with me now

We’ll make it through

And I hope you are the one I share my life with

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand

If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am?

Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

If I don’t need you then why am I crying on my bed?

If I don’t need you then why does your name resound in my head?

If you’re not for me then why does this distance made my life?

If you’re not for me then why do I dream of you as my wife?

I don’t know why you’re so far away

But I know that this much is true

We’ll make it through

And I hope you are the one I share my life with

And I wish that you could be the one I die with

And I'm prayin' you’re the one I build my home with

I hope I love you all my life

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand

If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am

Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

‘Cause I miss you, body and soul so strong that it takes my breath away

And I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today

‘Cause I love you, whether it’s wrong or right

And though I can’t be with you tonight you know my heart is by your side

I don’t want to run away but I can’t take it, I don’t understand

If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am

Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

and i still remember this song by heart.... (If You're Not The One by Danile Badingfield).... Darling sang this beautiful song to me over the phone... we spent only 4 days together before he went back for summer holiday in malaysia, leaving me here terkapai2 dalam mabuk cinta keseorangan bertemankan his voice terngiang2 menyanyi lagu ni untuk shieda.... and until today this song remains on top in my heart....

regardless of what happened, life goes on.... it turned out wrongly, and we both know nothing cud be done to mend it.... but we hope and we pray hard that this thing will settle, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but we'll continue hoping for the forgiveness.... what else i cud do, to mad at him??? to hate him??? this is sooo hard, and i love him more than anyone could, i live my life on him... He's the one that i dream to be the daddy of my children... and i hope what had happened really taught us something... Not everything is forgiven, and we have to deal with it....

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Anonymous said...

shieda...romantiknya korang...hehe...harap2 jodoh korang berpanjangan...shieda, i rasakan u n han ada persamaan bila korang senyum..hehe..senyum korang hampir sama...:)

pastukan, kalo ada masalah tu let it go je la..jgn di fikirkan sangat...semoga hubungan korang berpanjangan hingga ke jinjang pelamin n terus hingga ke akhir hayat..*wink2*..

[LADYKiKi] said...

>> selamat untuk sumanya yach <<

zeti said...

pasangan yg serasi gitu.. :)
semoga u all b'dua b'bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat!!

nn said...

happy 5th anniversary....
semoga berbahagia selamanya..

Yatie said...

happy 5th anniversary.. semoga cepat kawin... aminnnn

*~dEWiSoULhAa~* said...

wow...dh 5 yrs together!! sweetnyer citer u ni shida...u guys mmg sgt2 ideal couple lah....
tawen la tepat2~x sabar nk tgk hannan&shida junior....sure comei bebangat~hikssss

Mrs.Sheikh said...

sebak rasa baca entri ni..
sebab i know camana peritnyer
bila kite terlalu sayang seseorang itu..
bagaimana perasaan campur baur
hanya kerana dia lelaki yg kita nak selamanya dalam hidup kita kan..:)

mcm yg i cakap kat blog hannan...

hannan dan shieda...
ibarat Red Square dan Russia..
saling perlu memerlukan,
saling bergantungan antara satu sama lain...
sayang menyayangi ..

pada hannan, ida ibarat tulang rusuk yang
tetap berada di sisi..untuk senantiasa disayangi
dan dilindungi....:)

Adik yg manis,
Happy anniversary ..

p/s: tiba2 i rasa sebak

moralle said...

Hi Sheida, Happy Anniversary to u n Hannan. Banyak liku-liku yg harus sepasang kekasih hadapi, be it happy or sad. Your strongest love towards each other is the greatest support that will overcome any situations that gets in the way..........insyaallah...

budakmerah said...


Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? said...

Happy Anniversary, Tiff!! Now, now. Cheer up and learn from mistakes, don't let it break your relationship!! Hope the both of you will celebrate double, triple, quadruple (and more) the 5th year!!

Anonymous said...

moga bhgia selamanyer...

x sabo nkt ggu ida n nan junior,sure perfct.. =)

Happy anniversary babe! luv u..

^eMiKo^ said...

happy 5th anniversary!!

semoga sentiasa berbahagia hingga ke ank cucu!! ;p may Allah bless you..

the probs that comes in between is what makes the r/ship more meaningful!! so hang on there!!

take care sis!!

tiffany said...

1/hani---<@ hehe, romantik ehh... insyaAllah ade jodoh tak keman... tapi doakan2 kami juga ye... bab senyum tu ade 2-3 org tego dh b4 ne... hehe... tak perasan plak... btw, thnx for ur advise... thnx hani..

2/ [LADYKiKi]---<@ tima kasih yang!!!

3/zeti---<@ alhamdulillah... insyaAllah sama2 tolong doakan kami ye...

4/nn---<@ thnx dear.... Ameen, harap2 kekal bahagia ke hujung waktu...

5/Yatie---<@ thnx yatie.... :)

6/*~dEWiSoULhAa~*---<@ our junior ehh??? hehe, tu kne tunggu walimah dulu nnt la, harap2nye comel belaka nnt.. hehe... doakan kami ye...

7/Mrs.Sheikh---<@ shieda rase canm nak peluk husna je sekarang nie, macam banyak mende nak stori2.... thanks husna, nnt kalau kami nak nikah nnt, husna org pertama shieda bitau.... thnks for being wt me thru hard and happy time...

8/moralle---<@ thnx for that kata2 azimat sis... will put that in mind... thnx again sis... doakan kami ye...

9/budakmerah---<@ thanx dak merah!!

10/Gorgeous Ol' Eve. Prefers Vanilla To Chocolate. You? ---<@ dear, thnx for that.... and as u know how much I love him, how close we'r together, that's what giving me hope... i love him wt all my heart

11/pu3nemo---<@ time kasih fara... harap2nya termakbul ape yg u katakan tu... ida nak anak2 yg comel... hehe

12/^eMiKo^---<@ u'r so true... i'll stay strong and tough, and let all the things happens gone... we learn from the mistakes... thnsx dear!!!

Ziana said...

happy 5th anniversary dear!!!

cpt laa balik Msia

Shopaholic Mama said...

Hi Shieda, Salam. There's a saying "Love conquers All" Only those who are sincere & willing to sacrifice in a relationship will believe it. I'm sure you & Hannan will go thru any happy & sad moments together coz nothing is smooth flowing. Happy 5th Anniversary & more anniversaries to come!

norulaina said...

tahniah... jg ane baik2 ehh.. smg bahagia & hepi sokmo :-)

[LADYKiKi] said...

ehh.. anak u berdua tak besar lah.dah lima tahun tu.. meh sini dr.kiki check.. hehhe

>> yang miss u arr

pearlEJ said...

Selamat ulangtahun yg ke 5 yang!! semoga hubungan shieda n Hannan kekal sehingga akhir hayat... :)

Anonymous said...

ramainya bday this month. hehe. ur special day sgt dekat ngan my bday..which is 27th june =)
saje je nak ckp jugak.hahahahahahah