Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Girls Vs Women

me, darling and chin joo

Girls are insecure; Women are confident.

Girls dress trashy; Women dress classy.

Girls are students; Women are teachers.

Girls are listeners; Women are preachers.

Girls makes babies; Women raise babies.

Girls have sex; Women make love.

Girls are weak; Women are strong.

Girls fight; Women walk away.

Girls argue; Women speak.

Girls give in; Women compromise.

Girls envy. Women appreciate.

Girls give up. Women strive.

Girls look. Women see.

Girls take. Women give.

Girls follow; Women influence.

I am not a girl anymore yet not a woman..... i can be both at a time....

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ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

We wish we could be both
Its nice for being a girl
and at the meantime, its cool for being a women...

it just depends on our heart
whether we could be both..huhu

is me...i choose to be a women but sometimes i be a girlish a lil bit :P

p/s: salam kenal shida :D

ReDbLoOdSnOw said...
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ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

shieda, kiter mintak keizinan utk letak link shieda dlm list kiter ek.

pssttt...letak arr cbox kat blogs shieda neh. by the way...suke tgk muke shieda. manis sgt...

tiffany said...

hye Z... thanks sudi letak comment dalam blog shieda ni... nice knowing u btw... n link la shieda, i'll link u too then...

hehe, thanx for the compliment too... Z pon sweet sangat, i can say, u ni photogenic la Z...

bout the cbox, i'll consider it again later... dalam dilema lagi tatau perlu ke x nak letak...

ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

dlm dilema?? why plak? ade dak2 kacau shieda ek...ha..kan dh bermsg thro komen dh kte neh...huhu.

tiffany said...

ehehe... xdela camtu... cume sbb my blog ni xde visitor pon, so cam tak perlu kot letak cbox... but now, shieda rase ok kot kalu nak letak... nnt jap agi shieda ltk..